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Our first CSA delivery is tomorrow, around 11:30. Good idea to do your pick up during the PM classes. Pls don’t take anything if you haven’t subscribed!

If anyone is interested, there is one share who needs to be bought out. FB or email Michelle.

Happy veggies!

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Address5509 14th St NW
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A few things that bring a smile to my face: . 1. A message from Coach B (@mikeburgener)

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There is still 4 long weeks to go, but very happy to be sitting 23rd (only 8 spots from Regionals position) in SoCal after Week 1. Plus 6th in the strength portion :) Not bad for a gym that's only been open 2 1/2 years! #teamfortius #crossfit #crossfitopen #crossfitgames #crossfitfortius #socal #socalregionals #sandiego #sandiegocrossfit #barbell #barbellclub #gym #sandiegogym #strength #oly #olympiclifting #weightlifting #fortiuscompetitionteam #fortiusweightlifting #wod

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Tuesday 3 March

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The 2015 USA Weightlifting qualifying totals have been released, including the introduction of "Regional" weightlifting events. Exciting year to come :)

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The CrossFit Mission Gorge March Newsletter

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Join us this Sunday for a gymnastics clinic with Cy Platt! He has over 25 years experience with this sport as well as 10 years as a stunt performer. When: Sunday, March 8th Time: 10:00am Cost: $10 Come learn some great drills and skills for handstands, handstand walking, and muscle ups!

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❤️February PRs❤️ Congratulations everyone! We know there were many more. :) Don't forget to post any PRs you make to the PR Board.

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3 weeks before Lester (@lesterhokw) and I begin the FuBarbell + The Training Geek USA Tour! I'm so excited to be bringing this learning opportunity to the community. Knowledge bombs are going to be dropped for sure! Seats are still available, head to: . . Negotiating the Knees. The mistake commonly made for beginners is trying too hard to negotiate the knees. Common cues like "pushing the knees back" or "getting the shins vertical" often confuse beginners on how to move the bar past the knees to get into a good power position. Done incorrectly and this portion where the bar goes from below the knee to the knee and lastly above the knee can easily engage the arms and disengage the back and legs. This is usually due to the mistiming of the first pull where the lifter begins moving but fails to break the bar off the ground. This mistiming coupled along with the active pushing of the knees back results in the combined centre of mass being shifted forward. Possible outcomes in this instance include early straightening of the legs. Or being too far over the bar which subsequently results in the shoulders going behind the bar too early in the second pull. Instead, one should be thinking of maintaining engagement of the lats to keep the centre of mass of the bar close to that of the lifter and subsequently over the feet and actively use the legs to initiate the breaking off the ground. The result of that is a balanced pull off the ground, a rigid torso during the pull and correct positioning of the lifter for the power position to appropriately use the legs. This will then increase the quality and efficiency of the pull for a good lift. #FuBarbell #TheTrainingGeek #biomechanics #becauseSCIENCE #USAweightlifting #crossfit #education #crossfitgirls #crossfitmen #weightlifting #instagramfitness #liftingALLtheweights

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Check out the Male Athlete of the Month for March! L

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3/15 Male Athlete of the Month- CJ McCoole.

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Jill Miller's Yoga Tune Up® = required reading.

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3/2/15 WOD Warm up: CFx1 + hip mobility strength: back squat 2x15@70 met-con: amrap 7 10- hang squat clean (95/65) 20- jump lunges 10- burpees

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Reminder- you have until 5pm tonight to submit your scores for the open WOD for validation! There's still a few of you who signed up/are on the team, but have not posted a score yet. Coach L

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CrossFit Fortius posted an article
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Check your ego at the door. I've heard it a million times. Said it a million more. "Check your...
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candra posted on CrossFit CSA
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Team CFMG is currently sitting in 33rd place out of 177 teams in So.Cal. Great Job this week! Notable performances that helped our team ranking: Marion, Andrea, Yvette, Coach Dan, Jack, and Stacy. Hang cleans, HSPUs, KB swings, and running tomorrow. Very well rounded WOD tomorrow. Come and get it before we test 1RM back squats on Tuesday!

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Everyone loves a clean box. #buildafitcommunity

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Check out all our CrossFit Proper Fit Food Spots!

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The CrossFit Games is all for fun right? Next themed Open WOD is Sports!! Rep your favorite team!

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15.1 & 15.1a

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Everyone! Please go and put in your score and accurate body weight for 15.1. We must validate them all within a few hours.

Hilary Wiebe published the post It's Wise to Accessorize: The Importance of Accessory Work on
By Hilary Wiebe Any girl will tell you that accessories can make or break an outfit. A simple...
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3-2-1 Go... Best quote gets a free pair of Proper Socks. #buildafitcommunity

Hilary Wiebe published the post Why You Should be Competing on
By Hilary Wiebe So, as I write this, I am fresh off my second team competition, UG Series'...
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CrossFit Games Open Scoring System. How CrossFit calculates your scores for 15.1 & 15.1a into a single score.

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March is all about ABS! Joing the CrossFit Proper Core Challenge and build them up!

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New month, new you. Come give CrossFit a shot!

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Happy Birthday Occhi!!! You are a special and amazing coach, friend, and Sis. To many more birthday to celebrate!

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Great having @Bacikbarbell crew join our @downtown_la_weightlifting Crew this morning. Fonuts, barbells, great vibes and good times!! #DTLAW #TrojanCrossfit #weightlifting #DTLA #WeightliftingCommunity #BarbellFun

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Sunday, Mar. 1st WOD:: "Filthy Fifty" 50 box jumps 24/20 50 jumping pullups 50 KBS 16kg/12kg 50 walking lunges 50 knees to elbows 50 push press 45/33 50 back extensions 50 wall balls 20/14 10' 50 burpees 50 DU

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2 Hour Map is Tomorrow! Don't forget to RSVP!!!

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A few selects from today. Tag yourself or someone you know! The rest are on Flickr at

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CrossFit Surf City posted an article
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Dr. Dave killing and grilling at the CFR Open Opening Party!

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Some scores from today's Open session. Lots of PR's and fun was had!

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